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45 years! As of January of 2017, I will have been involved in the business of forensic consulting for 45 years. I am grateful for all who called on me to investigate and/or evaluate incidents or factors or components over those many years, and I am anxious to provide many more years of service. In recognition of the 45 years of experience, I have a special pricing structure for most expenses. Please see time and expense charges for details.

Big change! In an effort to save clients money and hopefully increase my volume of business, I have decided to reduce my hardware charge for the use of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Toolkit usage to $100.00 per day or per vehicle. This price reduction is effective September 1, 2016. This is only the charge for the use of the Toolkit; it does not include time or expenses associated with getting to the site or conducting the interrogation.

If you are here at this page just to view a feature about Nissan and Infiniti EDRs, you may click here to go directly to it: current feature. If you want to see a complete CDR report with an explanation of the pages and major elements, you can choose this link: Complete CDR report. That page will also contain a few details about a Federal regulation affecting access to crash data which was passed in 2015.

Bosch has just released Version 17.1 of the Crash Data Retrieval software (late 2017). I have all Bosch CDR cables and adaptors available to date, including one or two that were available years ago but are no longer in production. There are many new manufacturers whose ACMs have Bosch accessible crash data, and the extent of data has greatly increased. To be able to use the software to interrogate ACMs and PCMs, a user must have a software license, but there is no fee associated with downloading the CDR software and using it to view files downloaded by someone with a Bosch license.


Component Failure Evaluations

I have converted all of my newsletters to Adobe Portable Document Format. You may access them from my Web site by going to my newsletter page.

If you are here to learn more about Crash Data Retrieval/Event Data Recorders in general, please click here.

In May of 2009, I received my new Vericom VC4000DAQ. This is a vehicle-dynamics-performance monitoring, analyzing, and recording computer which has tremendous features and advantages over the VC3000DAQ which I've used for four years. If you are interested in learning more about this device, please click on this link.

Since 1972, I have been involved in providing forensic consulting services. I have been involved in over 2000 motor vehicle accident investigations and reconstructions and have testified in hundreds of cases in State and Federal Courts. (My trial and deposition list of testimony starting around 1995 is available through a link below; there is no listing of testimony earlier than what is shown on that list.) I have taken numerous accident-reconstruction-specific courses (please see the biographical page). Observations are usually documented with a full-frame, digital, single-lens-reflex camera and saved in both RAW and high-resolution JPEG formats; Hi8 videography or High-Definition digital videography is available if requested.

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My list of trials and depositions is available in Adobe Portable Document Format; the date on the form is the valid date for the listing. To view that list, please click on Trial and Deposition List.

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